Business Name: Trackers Tours
Contact Name: Cheryl Thompson
Address: Trackers Tours, 100 Ash St, Barcaldine QLD 4725

‘We invite you to ‘Come join the Evolution! ‘and explore the transformation of the Queensland Outback with us from ‘then’ to ‘now’. From Dinosaurs and Aboriginal Australia to the many achievements of the pioneering settlers. We present to you a blend of palaeontology and living cultures for you to experience both the past and present life of outback Australia.

The Queensland Outback has a long history of revolutions spanning two centuries, notably the two shearer’s strikes of 1891 and 1956, which changed a nation in terms of its political landscape and the way it treated its workers, as well as the many frontier wars that took place during the early days of colonisation.

The Queensland Outback also in terms of its natural histories, has a rich evolutionary past. From long forgotten inland seas, the home of mysterious and magnificent creatures from the deep, to the desert channels and spinifex country we now know, home of the Yiningai people and the incredibly resilient settlers of the past and the ever-resilient current residents of today’s Outback Queensland. Your tour includes a full time experienced local guide.