Eddie Ruska
Eddie Ruska
Eddie Ruska

Uncle Eddie Ruska is a proud descendant and Elder of the Yuggera people of the Brisbane Region Nunukul and Nugi people of Stradbroke and Moreton Islands, and Koombamerri people of the Gold Coast area.

Uncle Eddie has a history of involvement in cultural heritage and environmental protection matters, and has worked extensively with government and the broader Aboriginal community to support Australia’s environmental future well-being.

Uncle Eddie has spent many years working with young Aboriginal people, and is well-known for his work with the Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal Dance Troupe whom he is the Manager and founder of since its establishment in 1995, The Dance Troupe supports Aboriginal young people who had come into contact with the juvenile justice system, providing them with a forum for reconnecting with culture. He has shown and mentored our young children for many years about their cultural heritage and has been an advocate in helping young children in turning their lives around.

“Uncle Eddie is instrumental in creating sporting opportunities for young people and at risk youth.

Uncle Eddie is committed to educating non-Indigenous Australians about Aboriginal culture and history, and has been a strong supporter of organisations such as The Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association Ltd and World Suicide Prevention Day, and many events throughout southeast Queensland National and Internationally.

He has shown great ability and Cultural Knowledge in showcasing his culture through traditional and contemporary arts performance.

He has performed in productions and events all over Australia and the World showcasing his cultural performance through song, dance and various art forms.