About Us

IITOQ is the creation of 8 Indigenous Tourism Businesses that came together in 2019 to begin discussions about the need to establish a network of Indigenous operators and businesses across Queensland seeking to work together as a cooperative member-based organization.

Since discussions began in 2019, more than 20 currently operating Indigenous tourism businesses and over 150 emerging Indigenous tourism businesses have expressed support for IITOQ as an independent, Indigenous-owned tourism corporation.

IITOQ is established upon the principles of self-determination and the empowerment of the Indigenous voice in the tourism industry within Queensland, nationally, and internationally. The message that has been consistently voiced is that our Indigenous tourism needed to be created By Us and not for or about us.

IITOQ is founded on the cultural principles of self-determination to financial independence, creating a safe environment for Indigenous tourism businesses to support one another, and promoting sustainable business growth through sharing. We do this in a way that complements our social responsibilities to country, community, and family. Our Business, Our Way

With these principles guiding IITOQ, the Board of Directors will seek to strengthen the voice and position of its members (at various stages of their tourism product or experience) within the tourism industry, whilst also working in partnership with other key Indigenous and non-Indigenous bodies to help inform and support the Indigenous Tourism Economy.

IITOQ also recognizes the important role non-tourism-based Indigenous businesses are in the tourism business eco-system and encourage them also to reach out.